It is no longer a secret radioactive waste has contaminated multiple sites (over 100) in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our local, county, state and federal governmental entities have a responsibility to make every resident aware of previously disposed of radioactive waste and provide resolutions to families that are negatively affected. As large corporations pay hefty bonuses to shareholders, St. Louis families are paying the price for bad decisions made during and after World War II.

Obviously climate change is causing Mother Earth to get warmer with more occurrences of extreme weather patterns. There are many indications that lead to this conclusion. State leaders, such as Maria, will continue to work towards a unified plan for the well-being of all Missourians.

In today's world, Maria understands environmental issues must be addressed in order for our society to progress.


Every child deserves a chance to be the best. As your state representative, Maria will continue to advocate for resources to cultivate the best in all of our children. Maria has fought hard for policies that would ensure quality education. As a state senator and former school board member in University City, Maria rolled up her sleeves, put in long hours and hard work into building consensus in the general assembly.

For Maria, education is the cornerstone of all building blocks in a sustainable community.

Health & Social Equity

There is a strong and direct correlation between the social conditions of a community and the health status of that same community. Maria recalls her time on the streets of Ferguson talking to young people and second chancers who had very little hope. She also recalls the cries of students and parents wanting to attend fully accredited school districts.

It is impossible to have a healthy society if we are not willing to ensure social equity across the board. The sustainability of the St. Louis region depends on innovation that will give every individual an ability to realize the same dreams as those who come from privileged backgrounds.

Maria believes that all things are possible as long as everyone is willing to work hard on their own individual behaviors and acknowledge that each person has a unique life experience that should be respected, honored and uplifted.

Maria believes that healthcare costs are generally too high. Since the Affordable Healthcare Act was put into law, more Americans have health insurance. Still, some suggest we should adopt a Medicare for all policy. Others are fighting for universal healthcare, which is also a great idea. Maria is dedicated to ensuring all Missouri citizens have healthcare coverage without the threat of it being taken away.

Infrastructure & the Economy

When it comes to state-of-the-art infrastructure, our national security may depend on it. Maria believes we should invest in our crumbling infrastructure. It is important state government help offset some of the costs burdening local government.

Also, in today's society, individuals will have multiple jobs. We need to ensure every person has access to an evolving job market. Too many people have been displaced while transitioning into other fields of employment. This is causing enormous strain on St. Louis families, who far too often double or triple up their living quarters.

Maria is committed to pushing for solutions that reduce the number of displaced workers in the St. Louis region. She is committed to helping families live independently without them worrying about the availability of basic resources.

Citizen Equality

Every problem that we have as citizens comes from the fact that we don’t have a progressive general assembly that represents us. Republicans spend all their time sucking up to their funders. They spend all their money on lawyers to gerrymander districts, so they can handpick voters, rather than the voters picking their own representatives.

For Maria, the fundamental commitment is keep government clear of special interests — finally. A government that represents all of us, ensures every person has a right to exercise their vote. Maria continues to work towards reforming the way campaigns are funded.

State Workers

State employees are under attack. On August 28th, legislation that erases the merit system will be law. Maria believes merit employees are essential in conducting the business of the state. However, conservative legislators have done away with a system that provides quality and certainty in services. Essentially, conservatives have made it possible for a best buddy system to be put in place to conduct important business. Sadly, these employees may be unqualified.

Maria has aggressively worked against the elimination of the merit system. She has also been a huge supporter of workers rights, the ability to bargain, payroll deductions for union membership, and the ability organize. It is more important than ever for our state employees to have an entity that fights on their behalf. State workers do the best with what they have, and for their dedication to Missouri we should safeguard their responsibilities. Maria will continue to advocate for a safe and clean work environment for all state employees.


Maria is against gentrification, period. History shows us that once thriving communities have been erased off the map in St. Louis County. Often, these are majority minority communities. It starts with the designation of blight. Then there is the support of tax incremental financing (TIF). Businesses and residents are often displaced. Property taxes rise. Families with children move. School districts have a declining enrollment. Citizens who remain typically experience a higher tax burden. And the cycle continues.

For years, Maria has fought against gentrification because the practice has a negative impact on low-income and fixed-income residents. Furthermore, the use of eminent domain for a solely non-public interest in inexcusable and unconscionable.